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In response, we decided to dedicate the entire Summer issue of that year to female musicians.

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Since the early sixties, Australia has produced some of the finest contemporary music in the world, and is often touted as being a testing ground for global music tastes and trends. But how did we get here?

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What were the events that shaped the Australian music industry as we know it today? Here are the results …. The chart has also spawned several high profile events, the ARIA awards, also the awards given to artists achieving No. The Stones and Loog-Oldham would go on to create world music history together. His experience and talents in the recording studio were quickly utilised. From that moment on Australian recordings were unquestionably as good as anything else the rest of world had to offer.

The band had almost come to an untimely end when original guitarist Stevie Plunder died in January That was about to change. Spiderbait had achieved the same feat the year before the first Australian release to attain such a position , but there were more accolades to come for The Whitlams. By March Eternal Nightcap had sold close to , units. Such a staged presentation could have come unstuck but Gough carried it off with so much aplomb and dignity that it seemed the perfect combination.

And the band members revelled in the spotlight, rising to the occasion with a great deal of wit and tenacity. What made it even more significant was when it occurred. Beatlemania had hit and a new pop revolution had begun. The 50s influenced rock band hit a nerve locally with their quirky stage persona, songwriting strength and obvious musical ability.

Merely two years later, the group had dissolved but the legacy had already been well and truly established. Both had achieved fame in Australia through appearances on local TV shows like Bandstand, and both achieved incredible success in the USA with number one charting hits. The first winners were a group time has forgotten called the Crickets. From now on the biggest and best bands in the country pitted themselves against each other in front of the judges for the honour as winners.

Both soundtracks were among the biggest selling albums of the year. On arrival the band was signed to the prestigious Robert Stigwood organisation. So began the career of one of the most successful bands in recording history. He played it all first and an entire generation of music fans and future musicians where glued to his afternoon timeslot. Despite his ratings 3KZ were unhappy with the uncontrollable maverick and in Rofe switched to the all-music Top 40 station 3UZ, bringing his audience with him. As writer Toby Creswell pointed out, the big labels were demanding a fee in return for the use of their copyrighted music and the stations refused to comply.

The stalemate resulted in all British and Australian records controlled by the majors being dropped from commercial airplay. The ban lasted from 16 May until 18 October when the two parties realised they needed each other.

Music is good for our health, so why are musicians suffering so much? | The Independent

What occurred in the interim is the most significant aspect of the whole affair: a bunch of independent labels stepped in to fill the radio breach, replacing the banned records with cover versions by local artists. Although the radio situation settled down, the flurry of recording activity at the time meant that there was an increased awareness of Australian artists. They have sold a staggering 23 million albums and more than 15 million singles. They also achieved two number one singles on the USA charts. Significant times indeed!

The highest number of local albums in the top 10 previously was 6 in February With their senses heightened by the experience, the intense and tightly focused group recorded two extraordinary EPs, The Bad Seed and the posthumously released Mutiny! In , the , sales figures established the song as the highest selling single of the time. However the moment that really turned her into a huge international star was the premiere of the motion picture musical Grease in In a way Ratcat became our Nirvana, rocking the mainstream as grunge was emerging and satisfying audiences on every level.

Originally signed to the independent Waterfront label alongside the Hard-Ons, Massappeal and Tumbleweed , Ratcat played lots of gigs but initially only found a modicum of success on the charts. Ratcat signed to the new rooArt label under the auspices of Phonogram Records and marketed in Australia by the huge PolyGram organisation , a move which rocked the closely knit Sydney independent scene. This was home grown success writ large. The powerful weekend morning video shows, Video Smash Hits and Video Hits picked up the film clip and then, finally, with commercial radio airplay providing the last boost the EP leapt to 1 on the mainstream singles chart.

By April , Tingles was well on the way to selling an astonishing , copies. Produced by Nick Mainsbridge, Blind Love rose effortlessly to 1 on the national chart, having shipped 35, copies gold on the first day of release. The Tingles EP ended as the second biggest selling single on the Australian chart.

2. Pino Palladino

Simon Day saw the signal go out to the corporations. If your birthday was drawn out of the barrel you were required to submit yourself to a two-year stint in the Australian army, perhaps to go and fight in Vietnam. Australian music was experiencing a pop music boom, with Normie Rowe in particular scoring hit and hit record and creating riots wherever he appeared or performed. Normie made national headlines when, ala Elvis Presley, he was called up to serve his country. His call-up may have been an Australian government publicity ploy.

Notching up over 14 million views, the band soon found themselves on prestigious US shows such as Jay Leno and Oprah. In other words, it was the moment when sampling as we know it today, began. Rather than creating sounds from wave data as synthesisers had previously been doing, the sounds for the Fairlight CMI were produced from an external audio source. You could now record any sound you like, then reproduce that sound in any key on the keyboard. INXS were delivering funked up grooves and attracting mixed race audiences in America well before the Chili Peppers cottoned on to the formula.

Indeed the effect on Kylie was significant, her world opened up.

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She cropped and dyed her fluffy blonde locks and started wearing increasingly revealing and outrageous stage costumes offset by seductive moves. A band creates an anthem.

How To Go From Unknown Indie Artist To Profitable Professional Musician In 5 Steps

To date every Australian idol winner has achieved the number one spot with their first single, and a total of over a million albums have been sold by artists appearing on the show. With the release of this album, Slim became the only recording artist in music history not just Australia to have recorded albums with the same record label.

It was the first time a release by a completely independent Australian artist on their own independent label had reached the top of the national charts. More than 35, people trekked to a farm owned by Mr George Duncan at Glencoe, just outside the township of Sunbury over the Australia Day long weekend to witness performances by The Aztecs, Chain, Friends, Glenn Cardier and many others.

These days Matthews runs a record company which specialises in re-releasing classic Australian music from the past. Why are they so legendary? You want to wow your fans, get some press and keep people talking about your music - and then you want to repeat that process on the next stop on your tour. Local bands in places where there are big music scenes often invest an inordinate amount of time trying to become the stars of their local circuit. There is the odd occasion when this can make a difference - if a few bands who have made it big come from your town, labels often invade the town to see who else is around - but these occasions are very specific and very fleeting.

In most cases, you can put the local scene on lockdown and still be lucky to land an opener for the opener slot at a small club in the next state, simply because your local success doesn't translate outside your small radius.

Tips to Take Your Music Career Beyond Your Local Area

If getting out of your backyard is your ultimate goal, then don't get involved in a popularity contest to rule said backyard. Believe me, your local celebrity status will be cemented when you start achieving things on a larger stage anyway, plus, you'll get to avoid turning into the middle age wannabe musician saddo hanging around the college parties wishing the local scene was just like the OK, but here is the rub. It DOES make sense to start locally when building your music career. It all comes down to the approach.

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Here are some tips to avoid the local musician trap:. Local music scenes can fun and great places to launch your music career. But if your goal is to make a career out of your music, remember you're going to need a lot more than local success. The Balance Careers uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. By using The Balance Careers, you accept our. Music Careers Industry Basics. By Heather McDonald. Search for artists who are similar in style to you on HypeMachine to find blogs and podcasts to target.

I definitely want you to continue engaging with fans on all your channels. But there are automation platforms like PostPlanner or MeetEdgar that I highly recommend and have used in my own business for years to make the initial posting on social media much easier and more stream-lined. I recommend you set aside 1 hour each Sunday evening or Monday morning and plan out your social posts for the week. Just add some new content to the queue every Sunday to keep it fresh and make sure to take anything out of the queue that is outdated to keep it current or you can schedule posts to expire when they are no longer relevant.

Decide where you want to tour and get one date booked. That will be your anchor date. You can now start booking other events around that anchor show. Approach them about a gig swap or an opening slot. Contact medium-sized venues and tell them you are coming to town during that particular time window and ask if they would like to book you.

Fill in any holes in your schedule with house concerts.

Or, you can even suggest matinees on Saturday or Sunday so you can perform two shows in one day. This three-pronged approach will insure that your tour is profitable and you make the most of your time on the road.