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We cannot avail ourselves of such methods. Because only research articles are eligible for consideration in calculating impact factors, our contents under such other genres—many of which are pathbreaking—are not taken into account in the reported impact factors. Feminist Studies first appeared in , after more than three years of discussion and planning. The title, Feminist Studies , was chosen to indicate that the content of the journal would be both scholarly and political and would foreground women as a social group and gender as a category of analysis.

It is sometimes difficult to remember how rapidly feminism grew in the early s.

Gender and Women’s Studies

In the fall of that year, the journal was restructured and thereafter edited by a collective of academics. Moses , and a small paid staff. Other than this assistance, Feminist Studies remains self-publishing, self-supporting, and independent of the university or with any other institution. Over the years, Feminist Studies has been a reliable source of significant writings on issues that are important to all classes and races of women.

As we continue to grow and to engage new generations of feminist scholars, activists, artists, and creative writers, we find ourselves looking back to our history for inspiration. Always deeply committed to interdisciplinary scholarship, Feminist Studies has been well positioned to engage in global feminist dialogues. In addition to publishing work by women around the world, we have created strong ties with other journals through our membership in the international group, Feminist Journals Network FJN.

An exploration of current and historical understandings of the psychology of women and gender.

Gender and Women's Studies - Academics

A sociological perspective on human sexuality. The course provides an overview of historical and contemporary perspectives on sexuality. The course focuses on the construction of meaning of sexual behavior and experience, sexual orientation, and identity.

  1. The Perfect Hope (Inn BoonsBoro Trilogy, Book 3).
  2. Abraham Lincoln: The Man Behind the Myths.
  3. Resistance, Transformation, and Healing Within and Beyond the Academy.

Students study the impact of culture, religion, race, gender, and other social identities on sexuality. Students examine the inextricable nature of the meaning of sexuality and the socio-political milieu. The course investigates the significance of social policies on sexuality. Students learn about the relationship between the seemingly individual experience of sex and the larger social structures of society.

A focus on sociological dimensions of gender. This course examines the ways in which society and its institutions create, maintain and reproduce gender. Students investigate how gender categories are constructed and represented, and examine the consequences of these categories for the lives of individuals.

Students learn about the significance of gender differences in the experiences of women, men, and transgender people on the micro and macro levels. The course investigates structural inequalities and the reproduction of those hierarchies in social processes and in everyday life, especially within the matrix of race, class, and gender.

Introduction to Health Disparities

Contemporary research on gender is incorporated into the course. S arnella gcc. Alyssa has taught for Dillard University in New Orleans and has been Professor of History at Greenfield Community College since , where she works to build a history program that celebrates diverse voices. She also worked in community civil rights activism and enforcement for over six years in Miami, Florida. N barnesw gcc. Wendy Barnes is Korean. Currently, Kate teaches part-time online for GCC.

Both early childhood special education and leadership studies in teacher education remain central to her ongoing professional work, as does working with others to address the impact of poverty on young children and their families.

Concept of women’s studies (WS)

CA freeland gcc. I am a proud GCC Alum. GCC professors ignited my passion for learning and staff recognized and encouraged my leadership qualities.


Along the way, individuals in my community and at GCC recognized that I too had something they could encourage and nurture. Each pat on the back, each word of encouragement, each challenge, even, honored me as an intelligent, compassionate woman. I did not do it by myself. SA hydea gcc. She received her B. When not teaching she can be found depending on the weather either knitting, spinning and weaving or hiking, skiing and biking.

CP lobdellc gcc. EC mccarthyl gcc. McCarthy joined GCC in , and since then has actively expanded the Sociology curriculum to include many of the courses offered today. N hayes gcc.

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  • Discovery and Classification in Astronomy: Controversy and Consensus.
  • A Next Wave Reader in Institutional Change.
  • An Introduction to Women's Studies: Gender in a Transnational World.
  • The Invisible Labor of Women’s Studies?
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  • In , Joanne designed and taught Women in American History. Her undergraduate degree in English is from the University of Wisconsin and her Masters is from Johns Hopkins University, where she studied women in classical antiquity. N monahan gcc. You can bend her ear about Renaissance and Restoration poetry and drama, feminist, gender, and queer studies in general, contemporary memoir, the art of narrative, developmental reading and composition, and teaching and technology. Christine lives in Hatfield with her wife, Aileen, their sons, Adam and Andrew, and their little fuzzball, Izzy.

    While attending to the bio- and neurological dimensions of mental illness, it is grounded in a social constructivist approach, and draws on history, literature, and feminist and critical theory as well as clinical writings. Students will do weekly short papers and a substantial final project. Although the class will not dwell at length on the psychoanalytic theories of Sigmund Freud, the class presumes some knowledge of Freud, if for no other reason than to understand both his continued utility and the feminist critique of him.

    Students should purchase and read Freud for Beginners Appignanesi and Zarate; available through amazon. However, a growing number of Muslim women scholars and activists have begun to challenge the notions that Islam is synonymous with the oppression of women. We will also examine the situation of contemporary Muslim women from both the perspectives of Islamic Nationalists and Islamists.

    Both groups see women as a crucial component for the preservation of Islamic societies. In this class we will explore African women writers and critics, looking at their theoretical priorities and cultural positions. This course is designed to provide students with both a specific and a general view of the status, achievements and experiences of African women in fiction. Our discussions will focus on issues of identity, oppression, resistance, exile, language, translation and colonialism, using as points of entry a diverse set of texts. The framework for classroom discussion will revolve around two central issues: 1 The way in which women authors represent gender as a crucial variable for social stratification.

    Have you ever wondered why you feel excluded even when material is said to be inclusive? Have you ever wondered what it means for a language to be sexist? We will look, briefly, at some of the other ways in which other human beings have organized their interrelationships through grammars that incorporate other organizational principles.

    WST: SS.

    Comparative Women's Studies Faculty

    It explores some examples of past and present scholarship to reaffirm the interdisciplinary nature of the field and to highlight the relationships among feminist theory, intellectual practice, and social change. WST: Core for all tracks in major. Guidelines for the Honors Thesis are available here and the Application for the Honors Thesis is here.

    All current and prospective minors must take the in person section. Although women writers have fought to have their voices heard, the hangover of oppression lingers. What about the students who read their work? Do you ever feel your own voice as a writer has been oppressed or even silenced? What forces keep you from being a confident reader, writer, and thinker? Are any of these forces or pressures the results of your intersectionality — your biological sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, class, or ability?

    Do women write differently than men? Along with discussing these questions, students will work on becoming better readers, writers, and thinkers. Adopting a feminist interdisciplinary approach, we will explore three major themes: female biology in a social context, bodily practices concerning food and exercise, and disease i. Throughout, we will examine how these topics are shaped by intersections of gender, race, and class.

    We will also focus on the role of activism and policy changes in improving health for all people. SS Syllabus. Sexualities Studies is the interdisciplinary study of sexualities covering diverse theories of sexualities and desire, and how these theories are socially constructed and regulated. Central to the class will be the connections between sexualities and other social locators such as race, ethnicity, gender, social class, age and ability or disability. We will also be discussing possible differences and similarities in novels whose main characters and authors are white, of color, straight or queer.

    This course uses close readings of cultural representations in literature, the visual arts, movies, television, the internet, etc to understand intersecting categories of identity such as gender, sexuality, class, and race. Laura Guyer at lkguyer ufl. Health Disparities: Core. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor and program chair. For advanced undergraduate students who desire to supplement the regular courses by independent reading or research.

    Prerequisite: Permission of instructor and program chair Designed for students desiring practical experience in the community. One of the central questions we will ask is who constitutes as a black woman? Considering the experiences of mixed-race African-American women, black women in Latin America and the Caribbean, and immigrant black women, and queer black women will allow us to consider the ways that race, gender, sexuality and nation operate. In this class we will study discrimination and health from a variety of disciplinary perspectives e.

    The course is organized into three broad sections. The second focuses on discrimination within healthcare settings. The third emphasizes routes to eliminating discrimination and improving health at individual, group, and legislative levels. Because these categories do not influence people in isolation, we will examine the intersection of identities whenever possible in our analysis.

    We will read original research reports not a textbook and all students will be required to participate actively in class discussions.