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Tony Wood, Good Riddance to New Labour, NLR 62, March–April

Fathom Consulting uses the experience of —78 as a gauge to answer the question of what that might that look like. Want more charts and analysis?

New labour registrar vows to place law at centre of role

These outcomes trigger an outright recession in and bring about the return of stagflation. Such a government is unlikely to survive very long. So, the likeliest outcome in this world is a short-lived government with a weak mandate, destroyed by a market response that it has actively encouraged while in opposition. However, Mr Corbyn and his advisers are aware of this.

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They have plans to prevent that set of outcomes — capital controls, control of monetary policy, and the rest. Part of their problem, though, is that the damage might be done before they take office, as markets judge the likelihood of that eventuality to be increasing.

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By the time Mr Corbyn walks into Number 10, if he ever does, it might already be too late. The charts in this post have been created using Chartbook on Datastream. The Chartbook, created and maintained by Fathom Consulting, is a library of over charts, containing up-to-date macro and financial market data for over countries.

Whether it is a particular topic, country or variable you are interested in charting, the Chartbook has everything you need. Financial time series database which allows you to identify and examine trends, generate and test ideas and develop view points on the market.

Impact of new Legal Minimum Wage in Bangladesh on Labour Minute Value

Find out more. From a cyclical perspective, India is a relatively isolated economy gross trade over GDP In another indication that brick-and-mortar retailers are suffering, British retail icon Close Fathom Consulting Fathom is a consultancy specialising in global economic and financial market research. We make it our business to challenge conventional thinking and to convey rigorous analysis in plain English.

Our clients include global asset managers, insurance companies, pension funds, retail banks, investment banks and hedge funds, and major corporates. Published: Adnan Q. Lehrer, Khan , Steven F. Development of the American Economy.

New category of statutory severance pay over 20 years

Economic Fluctuations and Growth. International Finance and Macroeconomics. International Trade and Investment.

Productivity, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship. The Science of Science Funding Initiative. The Women Working Longer Project.