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In fact, head over to Lightroom Journal and read everything they tell you. Select photos in my Lightroom 3 catalog that I wanted to play with in the beta put them in a collection if it is easier to wrangle. Export these photos as Originals to a folder I named Beta Test call yours whatever you want. Now you have a safe batch of copies that you can play with and not worry about doing any damage to your real photos and videos yes, be sure to bring some video over!

The public beta is open to all. Just make a copy of some photos and import them into the beta to play with. Oh so simple, but I think this will help decrease confusion for a lot of people. Join the fun in the Beta forum to give your feedback. In the meantime, here are a bunch of resources to get you started. Adobe has not abandoned you. You can change that behavior, so that you can go directly to the Lightroom 2 help docs if that is what you prefer. There is a ton of great info to be found from there, and even the links to the Help pages for all versions of Lightroom under the Additional Help menu:.

And you can still access all the Lightroom 2 content via the search field at the top of the Community Help page:. Topics they are either not finding covered in other places or are just not covered in a format that allows them to ask questions and learn while doing. Do you have the basics down, but still want to know more?

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Does Lightroom drive you crazy sometimes? Would you like to learn how to better integrate Lightroom into other aspects of your digital life? Would you like to avoid common problems and learn from the mistakes of others? Well then this is the course designed for you. After answering questions from thousands of Lightroom users over the last 3 years I created a course that covers the most common things people have been struggling to understand while integrating Lightroom into their photography workflow. Continue reading about Lightroomers Guide to Lightroom class over at ppsop.

PPSOP was founded by one of my long time photography heroes, Bryan Peterson, who authored among many others my all time favorite book on understanding exposure, perfectly named, Understanding Exposure. I highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to wrap your head around exposure once and for all. I look forward working closely with you over those 4 weeks! Some regular maintenance and a little TLC from you will go a long way toward improving your Lightroom experience and boosting its performance. Here are five things to get you moving faster right now. Free up space on your startup drive.

Your operating system and some applications need the elbowroom to operate. Running out of space can seriously impact performance.

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Keep in mind that if you are going to move photos to another drive that you should do it from inside of Lightroom. Windows has two utilities that can help you keep your system running in optimal condition—Error-checking and Defragmentation. Double-click My Computer and then right-click the C drive and choose Properties. Adjust the Saturation to blow out or de-intensify colors. Wedding photography is a specialized genre; it requires the application of certain looks and vibes in post-production.

These 5 presets will fine-tune your wedding photos when you need your images to be more than just snapshots. This will create a comfortable tone that enhances and softens memories of a very special moment.

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Use the White Balance controls to adjust the warmth a little goes a long way here. Add the timeless look of editorial black and white photography to candid shots for high drama. Play with highlights and shadows to recess or feature certain tones. Not all your wedding photographs have to be accurate or realistic. You can use this preset on anything, but the original idea was to add punch to your party shots.

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Often taken in challenging light environments, reception photos can sometimes need a little help. Subtle shifts in the Color section of the Edit pane can go a long way. Portraiture is a type of photography that tries to capture personality, mood, or a specific place. Whatever the approach, lighting presets can help by boosting the vibe of the photo.

The Lightroom module layout

The Portrait Film preset is a broad-spectrum color enhancer that creates a natural skin-tone. It adds life to a bland photo, and it can tame an overly modulated photo. With small doses of grain and smoothing, it gives a subtle, film-like boost to the subject and the setting.

Shooting during Golden Hour is one of the most-trusted techniques for capturing rich, warm photos with effortlessly fabulous lighting.

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Use the Honey Sunset preset to introduce some warm tones and enhance a sunset photo or add some Golden Hour to a less-than-ideal shot. The Temp control can make drastic changes here. Grainy, muted, natural tones, seemingly shot with vintage film and left in a drawer for 4 decades — this is a huge trend in social media photography and advertising. We can pull back just a little from the extremes of this trend and use them to create a muted portrait look. Use the Muted Natural preset to give a high-contrast, modern, or overly digital photo some life.

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  • Monochrome presets are a great way to look at familiar subjects. By preserving the midtones, we can further enhance the effect without adding the intensity of high-contrast monochrome.

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