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Nagel finds it astonishing that the human brain — this biological organ that evolved on the third rock from the sun — has developed a science and a mathematics so in tune with the cosmos that it can predict and explain so many things. Neuroscientists assume that these mental powers somehow emerge from the electrical signaling of neurons — the circuitry of the brain. But no one has come close to explaining how that occurs.

That, Dr.


Nagel is not alone in entertaining such ideas. While rejecting anything mystical, the biologist Stuart Kauffman has suggested that Darwinian theory must somehow be expanded to explain the emergence of complex, intelligent creatures.

The First Quantum Field Theory - Space Time

And David J. Some of this is a matter of scientific taste. In fact, he believes, it may be the most fundamental of all.

Blind as a Bat: A Case of Mind vs. Body

Going beyond Pythagoras and Plato, he sets out to show how matter, energy, space and time might emerge from numbers. But is mathematics, for all its power, really the root of reality? Or is it a product of the human mind? Reviewing Dr. The rest seems to be about nothing other than itself.

This is the first known instance of suggesting space and time to be different perceptions of one thing. Poe arrived at this conclusion after approximately 90 pages of reasoning but employed no mathematics.

[] Space-Time-Matter

In , H. In general relativity , spacetime is thought of as smooth and continuous. However, in the theory of quantum mechanics , spacetime is not always continuous. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Special Relativity.

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The evolution of physics: from early concept to relativity and quanta. Cambridge University Press. Physikalische Zeitschrift 10 and Jahresbericht der Deutschen Mathematiker-Vereinigung 18 For an English translation, see Lorentz et al. Eureka: an essay on the material and spiritual universe. Hesperus Press Limited.

The Time Machine.

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