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Our impressive psychics and clairvoyants at Practical Palmistry in the local area have years of experience working with the spirit world to bring messages and advice to their clients. To find out more or to book an appointment, contact us through our booking form today — we're waiting for your call. Our easily accessible location and convenient hours mean you can book an appointment with a qualified and experienced psychic or clairvoyant at a time to suit you. Sit back, relax, and let us take you on a journey to visit the spirit world.

There you may find the answers to your question, help from a spirit guide, or messages from a loved on who has sadly departed.

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Please note that Practical Palmistry may not be able to honour booking requests made. Please note, your booking request will be subject to the merchant's booking conditions. Practical Palmistry. Send Message.

Best Psychic in the local area Understanding the mystical world around you can be an important part of making decisions regarding your life. See into the future Our easily accessible location and convenient hours mean you can book an appointment with a qualified and experienced psychic or clairvoyant at a time to suit you. Amenities By appointment only. Select Category. Advice by study of palm. When Srila Prabhupada left this world in , Patrick returned to the Intuitive Arts, incorporating the Eastern teachings into his Western model.

The Vedic ashram I previously spoke of was of the same lineage of Patrick's spirituality. Oftentimes when discoursing on palmistry or the mystical arts, he would begin by saying, "You know how Prabhupada would say in the Vedas Patrick passed away in , and I continued to assimilate his teachings and build up a clientele. Desiring to also incorporate the Vedic system into my practice, I would later travel to India many times.

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Many palmists learn their trade in a very casual fashion, irregularly learning from books or taking classes sporadically. The Vedic concept upholds that the relationship of student to teacher is based upon two essential foundations: rapt aural reception and dispensation of help and assistance. Practiced in tandem, the results are distinguished intuitive development. In the West, the relationship with the palmistry instructor is one of formality and professionality. This is certainly healthy, but it does favor a more left-brained prognosticism. When one is listening to a class or receiving instruction, the emphasis within the Orient is to hear with one's heart.

This approach becomes natural, as the relationship with one's teacher is more as the apprentice, less as an academic. Consequently, taking handprints, organizing the office, and bringing food and flowers are part of the training process. The teacher's expertise, wisdom, intuition, and of course, his blessings then transfer directly into the heart and mind of the dedicated student. This mystical transmutation is the very secret of the ancient occult orders. Knowledge can be attained by reason, but wisdom is attained by revelation.

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Q Does palmistry run in your family? Do you have to be born to it? A I've been reading hands for over thirty years. When people learn that it's actually my profession, they're intrigued. True, it's not a common or mainstream career not yet! I'm frequently asked if my skill runs in the family, as palm reading is most often seen as a psychic art passed down the ancestral line.

Having met hundreds of readers on my path of palmistry, I've yet to meet even one who learned from a family member and continued on to become a professional. This may be the case with a tarot reader, but never a palmist. I have met people who tell me they've garnered a little from their grandmother or aunt, but they're the types who are forthright about being a novice.

Having said that, my experience is that there is certainly something about it that has the feel of destiny: You don't pick it — it picks you. I have always been extremely attracted to it and intent to learn it — but not because I wanted to make it my career. Nevertheless, palmistry became my career. This seems to be the standard scenario for all professional readers. It's not a vocation of bloodline — but of birth. Q Is this a gift? A When asked, "Is it a gift?

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Further acknowledging that its principles are probably easier for them to assimilate than most, they will not discount the years of study and practice required for its mastery. Every good reader has two marked passions in common: an ardent interest in human nature and an enchantment with the Stars. In fact, the best readers do not even identify much with being psychic. Actually, it's these "psychic readers" that you have to watch out for — the ones who fully promote themselves as psychic readers.

I don't even consider palmistry, at its heart, to be a psychic art but an astrological one. This is not at all to dismiss its extrasensory feature — but to really be able to decode the arcane contents within the hands, one must possess firm grounding in its planetary foundations. The readers' intuitive skills then become icing on the cake, helping to reinforce their findings. It's a rare thing to find a psychic reader who is not a fraud. Moreover, those few who are genuinely psychic are notoriously on with one client and off with another.

Practical palmistry; or, Hand reading simplified.

Intuitive powers, as a rule, are intermittent — and therefore difficult to harness. The astrological hand reader will always be able to deliver an in-depth and accurate reading, even without the aid of intuition, as what the reader is truly employing is the hard science of the Zodiac. And yet, there is very much a psychic side to hand reading.

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After years of doing consultations, even the most scientific reader cannot help but become sensitive to the transmundane forces radiating from the hand. This is the beauty of palmistry. It cannot be discounted that those who walk the path of palmistry are far more intuitive than their astrological brethren. Therefore, reading a hand, rather than a chart, attracts them. Interestingly, there is a third category of readers who fit somewhere between the two in proficiency —"New Age" palmists.

No more than rudimentary in astrological expertise, these palmists prefer to tap into the palm's auric field. Auras are subtle frequencies that emit from the palm's chakra grid the lines. In tandem with their intuition, these readers employ affirmations, crystals, and the occasional spirit guide for entrance into this field.

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Their readings focus almost entirely on emotional and psychological issues. While positive and well meaning in their approach, they are given to be overly esoteric and somewhat general in their statements. New Agers have the faith but not always the foundations — being composed of much sentiment but not enough science. Therefore, their discourses on the spiritual fail to impact the professional.

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Nevertheless, although their pronouncements may indeed be on the vague side, there is no question of their superiority over the psychic reader. New Agers also do not pick their path of palmistry — the path finds them. All the New Age hand readers I've ever met were the "lone spiritual wolves" of their families. Q Did you have to study it? A True palmists have a quenchless curiosity about everything "hands.

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The best readers are researchers of the hand. They read everybody's books, attend all the lectures, and travel the world to uncover its knowledge. They are fascinated by what the ancients knew, as well as the exciting discoveries of today. To be truly great, readers must be familiar with everything that came before them: the various systems and their colorful proponents. Further, great readers will seek to add something to the craft for future generations. And they are constantly reading hands.

Wherever they are, and in whatever situation, they are found learning and observing. The people they are reading will also hear something of themselves, and benefit. Palmistry is a fascinating art, and its knowledge is endless. Yet, I've seen many readers over the years learn from a good teacher — only to get stuck in that teacher's system.

They neglect to further their own research, failing to grow, expand, and contribute. The hand is a living astrological chart, and for both reader and client, its "product" is the advancement of consciousness. Therefore, its own practitioners should be at the highest platform of discernment and vision.

Palmistry is a study worthy of the best efforts of the best minds. Q How old is palmistry? Who invented palmistry?