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Outi Hakola, "Nordic Vampires: Stories of Social Exclusion in Nordic Welfare States"

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Nordic Genre Film offers a transnational approach to studying contemporary genre production in Nordic cinema. Conceptualizing Nordic genre film as an industrial and cultural phenomenon, other contributions focus on road movies, the horror film, autobiographical films, the quirky comedy, musicals, historical epics and pornography. These are contextualized by discussion of their place in their respective national film and media histories as well as their influence on other Nordic countries and beyond.

Fler böcker av författarna

By highlighting similarities and differences between the countries, as well as the often diverse production modes of each country, as well as the connections that have historically existed, the book works at the intersections of film and cultural studies and combines industrial perspectives and in depth discussion of specific films, while also offering historical perspectives on each genre as it comes to production, distribution and reception of popular contemporary genre film.

Request changes or add full text files to a record. She lives in the underworld in Sweden, which is far away from the reality of an everyday Swedish citizen or local resident living somewhere in Sweden.

Mariah Larsson

Nonetheless, human trafficking has never stopped being a serious problem around the globe12, and, unfortunately, Sweden is not an exception either Lilja 4-Ever is not only an example of a transnational co-operation between two Nordic countries that is Sweden and Denmark or the success of the Swedish regional funding system15, but also a moderately successful contestant in the festival circuit and awards shows Press, , MAJSA 4 reviewed without taking the transnational aspect of production and the global aspect of its topic into account.

This does not make him less related to the Swedish film culture, but surely connects him to the global one more. Hence Swedish film culture also manages to flawlessly join the colourful palette of global film culture — even if in the film Lilja 4-Ever, Sweden only gives the surroundings and the plot could take place in other developed countries with characters of the same social status. In the underworld gangsters with immigrant background try to get by, and in the upper world JW, originally from Norrland, tries to become someone among the very rich.

In order for JW to do that, he needs do descend to the underworld and start working as a drug dealer.

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  • One must acknowledge the fact that despite the mix of ethnic groups and a strong Swedish presence shown in Easy Money, Play-like debate has never occurred. Of course, the reason might be the genre itself, namely who would really feel sympathy for gangsters nationally or globally? MAJSA 5 Eastern Europe22, the Swedish audience has been accustomed enough not to care so much about the characters that are apparently different from them.

    In addition to that, the contrasts are strong as the upper and lower classes are depicted, and the middle class that is usually the larger part of society is kind of missing from the film.

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    This concept that relies on competition is named as one of the reasons for the increased inequality in society worldwide. As many say: the richer is getting richer, the poorer is getting poorer. Or in the case of Easy Money, the road to either earning enough money to live a certain lifestyle or becoming socially accepted is full of obstacles and probably ends with a dead end most of the times.

    So while I agree with Tapper who places the film in the context of Swedish crime that entertains people internationally and generates great exposure for Swedish cinema outside the national borders25, I would also emphasize the common man fights for a better life, which is a common theme in films.

    Arne Lunde - UCLA School of TFTUCLA School of TFT

    Of course, it is likely that in most, real cases the circumstances and the amount of resources are different: being poor means something different in Sweden, Serbia or Chile, for instance. It must be mentioned that the debate has never crossed the national borders, but the film has won several awards at film festivals throughout 22 Tapper, The film, which is fictional but resembles documentaries to a large degree, follows a group of black boys who rob a smaller group of middle-class boys two white and one Asian boy using a special trick.

    see url The film is based on a court case, and replicates the real events with added fiction. That parent knows nothing about the circumstances, asks no question, only acts based on stereotypes and prejudices.


    Why has he not approached the crew on the train? Because it is a high probability that he does not speak Swedish. At least this is my interpretation, since most of the older members of families coming to Sweden do not necessarily speak or understand the language very well.

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