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2nd International Symposium on Nematodes as Environmental Bioindicators- Ghent University, Belgium

Input, distribution and accumulation of dolomite in sedi- Marin, V. Rapport Commission On the quantitative Martens, P. The importance of distribution and community structure of the meio and mac- turbellarians in the marine meiobenthos: a review. Adriatic Sea Italy.

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Environmental Monitoring and McIntyre, A. Meiofauna tech- Assessment, , — McIntyre Eds. Can field distribu- for the study of marine benthos pp.

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Oxford: tions of marine predacious nematodes be explained by sedi- Blackwell. Marine Ecology McLachlan, A. The ecology of sandy Progress Series, , — Burlington: Academic.

Gaudiano, A. Journal of Geology, Amministrazione di Pesaro e Urbino. Distribution and Millward, R. Assessing the impact of abundance of meiofauna in a subtropical coastal lagoon in the copper on nematode communities from a chronically metal south-eastern Gulf of California. Marine Pollution Bulletin, enriched estuary using pollution-induced community toler- 34, — Marine Pollution Bulletin, 30, — Gyedu-Ababio, T. Response of meiofauna Moens, T. Observations on the feeding and nematode communities to increased levels of contami- ecology of estuarine nematodes.

Journal of the Marine nants in a laboratory microcosm experiment. Ecotoxicology Biological Association of the UK, 77, — Moens, T.

Nematodes as bioindicators of soil degradation due to heavy metals.

Nematodes as indicators of pollution: a case study Do nematode mucus secretions affect bacterial growth? Aquatic Microbial Ecology, 40, 77— Hydrobiologia, , — Moreno, M. An assessment of the spatial hetero- Effects of increasing levels of nickel contamination geneity of environmental disturbance within an enclosed on structure of offshore nematode communities in experi- harbour through the analysis of meiofauna and nematode mental microcosms.

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Biologia Marine Science, 14, 48— Marina Mediterranea, 9, — Semprucci, F. The nema- Penna, N. The influence of the tode assemblage of a coastal lagoon Lake Varano, Southern Po River discharge on phytoplankton bloom dynamics along Italy : ecology and biodiversity patterns. Marine — Pollution Bulletin, 48, — MacDiff v4. Accessed 2 Jul Simboura, N. Benthic indicators to use in Platt, H. The significance of free- ecological quality classification of Mediterranean soft bot- living nematodes to the littoral ecosystem.

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Price, D. Farnham Eds.

New York: Academic. Somerfield, P. Soft Platt, H. Free-living marine nema- sediment meiofaunal community structure in relation to a todes. Part I. British Enoplids. Synopses of the British fauna long-term heavy metal gradient in the Fal estuary system. Cambridge Univ. Press, Cambridge. Marine Ecology Progress Series, , 79— Platt, H.

Free-living marine nema- Sorgente, D. Studio della sedimentazione attuale e recente todes. Part II. British chromadorids. Brill, Leiden. Sandulli, R. Pollution effects on Steyaert, M. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 21, — Responses of the sediment. Journal of Marine Biological Association of meiobenthic communities along a gradient of sewage pollu- the United Kingdom, 79, — Marine Pollution Bulletin, 22, — Sundelin, B. Meiofauna of an experimen- Schratzberger, M. Effects of the tal soft bottom ecosystem—effects of macrofauna and cad- intensity and frequency of organic enrichment on two estua- mium exposure.

Marine Ecology Progress Series, 70, — rine nematode communities. Marine Ecology Progress Series, , 83— Tomadin, L. Sedimentary fluxed and different dispersion Schratzberger, M.

3rd International Symposium on Nematodes as Environmental Bioindicators | Euromarine Network

Differential response of nematode colonist communities to Rendiconti Lincei: Scienze Fisiche e Naturalia, 9, — Journal of Travizi, A. Sea: review and check-list of free-living nematode species. Schratzberger, M.

Environmental Indicators

Helgolaender Meeresuntersuchungen, 51, — Nematode community dynamics over an annual pro- Trentesaux, A. Marine Environmental Tribovillard, N. Seinhorst, W.

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A rapid method for the transfer of nematodes International Journal of Sediment Research, 71, — Nematologica, 4, 67— Van Colen, C. Marine nematodes from the shallow subtidal M. Ysebaert, T.