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Are myths subtle codes that contain some universal truth? Are they a window on the deep recesses of a particular culture?

Are they entertaining stories that people like to tell over and over? Are they a set of cultural blinders that all of us wear, though we do not realize it? We will investigate these questions through a variety of topics including: the creation of the universe and the structure of the cosmos, relations between gods and mortals, religion and divination, justice, society, family, sex, love, madness, and death.

Greek and Roman Mythology Depicted in Daily Life

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They make the Cyclops look humane by comparison.

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You should expect it to take about 10 hours total. Open book and open note. For missing any other live session, you lose 3 points per live session you miss. The rest of this grade is made up by lively participation in live class sessions. You will post that essay for those in your writing tribes to read. They are still almost the same Mythology. Greek and Roman mythology have their differences and similarities.

Roman Mythology

They are both a different and interesting perspective on the world that should be considered. In conclusion as similar as Roman and Greek mythology are they have many differnet ways of telling stories.

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Roman mythology

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The Greeks and Romans - Pantheons Part 3: Crash Course World Mythology #9

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