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This textbook lacks the rigor and structure needed for an undergraduate introductory physics course or an AP Physics B course.

Light and matter mixed in a tiny golden trap

For example, in the chapters on forces, For example, in the chapters on forces, the text does not solve typical problems covered in these courses, such as the sliding of a block on an incline plane with friction. A textbook should include a step-by-step explanation how these problems are solved. The text is fairly accurate, with only few mistakes. For example, on page , two hands are connected by a string.

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The text is an idiosyncratic text. These courses cover a long-list of required topics and prepare students for standardized tests [such as MCAT].

It would be very difficult to adopt the text and amend it such that it would a standard course outline. The text introduces too many concepts in the same chapter.

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In chapter 2 that deals with translational kinematics in one spatial dimension, it introduces: rotation, deformation, center of mass, rolling motion, projectile motion, and the principle of inertia. The authors lament that students are frequently not able to distinguish between force and energy. This reviewer shares this sentiment; it is then puzzling why the authors do not address this difficulty by step-by0step explanation of illustrative examples.

Overall, the book is far too long; students do not read long books. Short book are much more likely to be read. Program starts annually in October.

International MSc in Physics of Life, Light and Matter

Please submit your application by August 1. Structure: The study program consists of compulsory, compulsory elective, and elective modules. In the first two semesters, the students get acquainted with advanced scientific concepts and methods of physics. Among the compulsory elective modules one should study at least three of the following modules: Atoms and Clusters, Fundamentals of Photonics, Molecular physics, Nonlinear Optics and Spectroscopy, Simulations Methods of Molecular Biophysics, and Surface Science and Nanostructures.

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Degree: The successful student is awarded the degree of a Master of Science. Enjoy the benefit of quality teaching and a reputed degree " Made in Germany ".

Light and matter merge in quantum coupling

Is there more beyond? More than half of our international program's graduates have stayed on to pursue a doctoral degree.

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  7. There are no academic or administrative obstacles hindering the transition. Cost: There is no tuition fee. It is a tradition in Germany that education is considered a common good that should be accessible to all. The German taxpayer subsidizes the cost of universities. Contact Chairs.

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      Conference Program. Saturday pm - pm Arrival and Check-in.

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