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Her life, both personal and professional, has been a topic of conversation at dinner tables and water coolers for almost two decades. She has incredibly broad name and face recognition in both the public and private sectors in the United States, Asia and Europe.

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Go anywhere in the world and mention her name, and someone will have an opinion of her. While some may agree with her and others disagree, they all recognize her as a global leader who is now in one of the most important leadership roles of her lifetime.

Many people do not understand her formula for leadership success, but most realize that she has one and that she has followed it systematically as she has competed for, and won some of, the highest leadership positions in our country. They also recognize that her current role as U. Her leadership attributes and skills allow her to be effective in today's turbulent environment, and also to teach others how to be successful as they lead their own organizations and business teams through the global recession that began in Her leadership lessons are visible and are supported by data as well as by experiential stories that readers will relate to.

While many of these "lessons learned" come from her own positive experiences and results, some valuable insights can also be learned from her setbacks. On a personal note, my experience in speaking at business meetings and conferences in the United States and around the world in the second half of has highlighted a significant shift in focus -- from the theme of general leadership to the specific theme of leadership in turbulent times.

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And attendees are looking for best practices and solutions that will help them lead through these tenuous times. Both men and women are looking for guidance from those leaders who have successfully navigated through difficult circumstances before and have learned what works and what doesn't work. They appreciate that even great leaders make mistakes, but they value the idea of continuous learning and respect leaders who are able to make mid-course corrections, to move in a different direction, or even to amend a belief that has become an obstacle.

They appreciate leaders who can rise above the doom and gloom and succeed in the face of some insurmountable circumstances in a timely way.

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This is what Hillary Clinton has done for years. Hillary Clinton's leadership style resonates because it is very different from the leadership approaches that have been successful in the past. She is intellectual, very studied and a serious thinker. The new business context in which we are operating today requires an innovative approach and a new way of thinking.

It needs a leader with the ability to break old patterns of thinking, someone who is willing to take on an unconventional and even risky role in order to be the catalyst for the right change to lead to future success.

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Hillary's style of leadership studies the facts, articulates a significant view, and demonstrates the ability to build support for specific ideas by "reaching across the aisle. Her style ranges from listening intensely and empathizing with others to being diplomatically blunt, and this range has served her well in dealing with the political and relational dynamics involved in all of her roles.

Hillary's approach, which she often learned the hard way, has helped her both to achieve her professional goals and to become more widely appreciated over the course of her career. Make learning a key strategy. What I love most about Hillary is her tenacious approach toward learning and her incredible perception.


Hillary projected confidence in the debate and Benghazi questioning because she was well prepared and had her facts down cold. She has continued to hone and improve this ability since her days as a high school student in Park Ridge, Illinois and then at Wellesley College, where she was a fierce standout debater. Listen to connect with others. From the s through the early s, women often had to adopt the more decisive, direct, and confrontational style, known as the masculine style of leadership if they were to be taken seriously. Perhaps that explains why Hillary was known for her hard veneer, strong will, calculated action, and great perseverance rather than for her warm personality.

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