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Javascript Security

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JavaScript Web Application Security Guide

Follow me nthgergo! How can I protect against XSS? How should I store passwords? The attacker crafts an URL which calls the action of the given form , to follow our example, to update the email address of the user.

The Only Way to Build Effective and Secure JavaScript Applications

The attacker requests a password reminder and takes over the account. A CSRF token is: unique per user session, a large random value, generated by a cryptographically secure random number generator.

When should I use JWT-based authentication? When should I use session-based authentication?

Generally speaking, when it comes to security and authentication, you should stick with session-based authentication: cookies are protected from JavaScript access using the HttpOnly flag, cookies can be a lot smaller than JWTs, so you can save bandwidth using them. A scenario like that be seen below: What are the best practices for handling secrets, like database passwords?

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What are the best practices for handling secrets, like database passwords? Further resources: 7.