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USD Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Overview With a calloused and lustful heart, Don Juan indulges his sexual appetites with boundless enthusiasm.

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The girl he is searching for has died and the romantic ideal he Four Restoration Libertine Plays. The Misanthrope And Other Plays. Written during the highly successful final years of his life, the plays contained in this Written during the highly successful final years of his life, the plays contained in this edition represent the pinnacle of Moliere's artistry and the most profound demonstration of his vision of humanity: The Misanthrope, The Doctor in Spite of Himself, Most are built around dangerously deluded and obsessive heroes such as The He is also notable for his impromptus, [31] one of which is a teasing epigram on King Charles II :.

We have a pretty witty king, Whose word no man relies on, He never said a foolish thing, And never did a wise one [32]. To which Charles supposedly replied, "That's true, for my words are my own, but my actions are those of my ministers". Rochester's poetry displays a range of learning and influences. These included imitations of Malherbe , Ronsard , and Boileau. He also translated or adapted from classical authors such as Petronius , Lucretius , Ovid , Anacreon , Horace , and Seneca. Rochester's writings were at once admired and infamous. A Satyr Against Mankind , one of the few poems he published in a broadside in , is a scathing denunciation of rationalism and optimism that contrasts human perfidy with animal wisdom.

The majority of his poetry was not published under his name until after his death. Because most of his poems circulated only in manuscript form during his lifetime, it is likely that much of his writing does not survive. Burnet claimed that Rochester's conversion experience led him to ask that "all his profane and lewd writings" be burned; [ citation needed ] it is unclear how much, if any, of Rochester's writing was destroyed.

Rochester was also interested in the theatre. The best-known dramatic work attributed to Rochester, Sodom, or the Quintessence of Debauchery , has never been successfully proven to be written by him. Posthumous printings of Sodom , however, gave rise to prosecutions for obscenity , and were destroyed.

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By the s, Rochester's reputation suffered as the liberality of the Restoration era subsided; Samuel Johnson characterised him as a worthless and dissolute rake. Rochester's reputation would not begin to revive until the s. Leavis argued that "Rochester is not a great poet of any kind", William Empson admired him. More recently, Germaine Greer has questioned the validity of the appraisal of Rochester as a drunken rake, and hailed the sensitivity of some of his lyrics.

Rochester was listed 6 in Time Out's "Top 30 chart of London's most erotic writers". Bishop Burnett, who coached him to an implausible death-bed repentance, said that he was unable to express any feeling without oaths and obscenities. He seemed like a punk in a frock coat. But once the straw dolls have been slain, Rochester celebrates in a sexual landscape all of his own.

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Michael Nyman set to music an excerpt of Rochester's poem "Signor Dildo" for the film. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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For other uses, see John Wilmot disambiguation. The Right Honourable. Ditchley , Oxfordshire , England.

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