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Contact vas02jm gold. On Wonder - A public Lecture Professor Catherine Malabou, from the University of Paris, one of the most prominent contemporary French philosophers today, is coming to Goldsmiths to talk about her most recent work. On Wonder: From the Passionate Soul to the Emotional Brain: a New Deconstruction of Auto-affection The issue I would like to address here is the following : is it possible to develop a philosophical approach of affects which would not determine them to be simple consequences of an originary auto-affection?

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We will have to turn around this appearance. Not so much in order to circumscribe or to circumvent some truth of circumcision; that we must renounce for essential reasons. But rather to let our; selves be approached by the resistance that once may offer to thought.

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And this is a question of offering, and of what such resistance gives one to think. And resistance will be our theme, too, as it points back to the last war, all wars, clandestine activity, demarcation lines, dis; crimination, passports, and passwords.

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    If the problem persists, please try again in a little while. No cover image. Read preview. Themes central to all ofDerrida's writings thread the intense confrontation between the most famousphilosopher of our time and the Jewish poet writing in German who, perhapsmore powerfully than any other, has testified to the European experience ofthe twentieth century.

    Catherine Malabou. Introduction to Biopolitics and Biopower. 2012