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Diagnosis of Psychological Disorders

Supporting users have an ad free experience! Flashcard Library Browse Search Browse. Create Account. Additional Psychology Flashcards. Term Define: Clinical assessment.

Definition -systematic evaluation and measurement of psychological, biological, and social factors presented with a psychological disorder. Term Define: diagnosis. Definition -process of determining whether the particular problem affecting the individual meets all criteria for a psychological disorder according to DSMIV. Term 3 basic concepts that help determine the value of our assessments. Definition 1. Term define: reliability. Definition -degree to which a measurement is consistent -presenting same symptoms to multiple physicians results in same diagnosis. Term define: validity.

3.2 Diagnosing and Classifying Abnormal Behavior

Definition whether something measures what it is designed to measure. Term define: standardization. Definition process by which a certain set of standards or norms is determined for a technique. Term Define: Mental status exam. Definition -systematic observation of somebody's behavior -interview or observe patient to assess if psychological disorder exists.

Term List: 5 categories of mental status exams. Term Mental Status Exam: appearance and behavior. Definition -clinician notes overt physical behaviors ie leg twitches , abnormalities in physical appearance, hygiene, posture, abnormalities in motor behavior. Term slow and effortful motor behavior is called Definition psychomotor retardation.

Classification and Diagnosis of Psychological Abnormality / Edition 1

Term Mental Status Exam: Thought processes. Definition -listen to patient talk to understand their thought processes -what is the rate of speech? Term Mental Status Exam: Mood and affect. Definition Mood: predominant feeling state of the individual affect: behavior relating to mood facial expression etc. Term Mental Status Exam: intellectual functioning. Definition -make a rough estimate of client's intellectual functioning -vocabulary -memory -metaphors? Term Mental Status Exam: Sensorium. Definition -general awareness of surroundings -do they know the date?

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Term semi-structured interview. Definition made up of questions that have been carefully selected to make sure that they will elicit useful information. Term idiographic approach vs nomothetic. Definition idiographic: individual differences nomothetic: compare to norms. Term diagnostic classification. Definition develop category based on shared attitudes.

Term classical pure categorical approach.

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Definition category is based on theory of etiology or identified disease processes. Term dimensional approach. Definition classifications among dimensions quantifies the variety of characteristics spectrum. Term when is the ideographic approach used? Definition if we want to find out what is unique about a person's background, circumstances, or personality.

Term when is the nomothetic approach used? Definition attempt to name or classify problem. Term The classical pure categorical approach assumes Definition that every diagnosis has a clear underlining pathophysiological cause ie bacterial infection or malfunctioning endocrine system. Term in order to use the classical pure categorical approach, you need to Term Problems with classical pure categorical approach.

Diagnosing and Classifying Abnormal Behavior – Essentials of Abnormal Psychology

Definition social and biological factors interact to produce a psychological disorder therefore, this approach is inappropriate for mental health. Definition note variety of cognitions, moods, and behaviors a patient has and place them on a scale. Term problems with dimensional approach.

Definition how do we know how many dimensions should be required to be diagnosed with a disorder? Definition classical and dimensional determine which symptoms patient has and then label it. CBS limit this method of defining abnormal behaviour. Firstly, triggers of symptoms may not exist in other areas of the world for that particular abnormality, and are only available in certain areas. Secondly, the disorder may only be seen as a disorder in a specific area due to cultural beliefs. Media also played a role in influencing a more positive representation of homosexuality, and as social norms are now slowly leaning towards homosexuality being accepted, it is no longer considered to be highly abnormal — however, again, this differs with various cultural and religious influences.

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