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Roman law is widely considered to be the foundation of European legal culture and an inherent source of unity within European law. Roman Law and the Idea of Europe explores the emergence of this idea of Roman law as an idealized shared heritage, tracing its origins among exiled German scholars in Britain during the Nazi regime.

The book follows the spread and influence of these ideas in Europe after the war as part of the larger enthusiasm for European unity. It argues that the rise of the importance of Roman law was a reaction against the crisis of jurisprudence in the face of Nazi ideas of racial and ultranationalistic law, leading to the establishment of the idea of Europe founded on shared legal principles.

Catalogue Of Important Books On Roman And Ancient Foreign Law By Martinus Nijhoff

With contributions from leading academics in the field as well as established younger scholars, this volume will be of immense interests to anyone studying intellectual history, legal history, political history and Roman law in the context of Europe. Francis de Zulueta ?

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The Weakening of Judgment: Johan Huizinga ? The authors bring home the profound ideological significance of Roman law in modern European history, in essays of fundamental importance for students of fascism and liberalism alike.

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The Annals of Imperial Rome. London: Penguin Books. Roman Civilization. Lewis, Naphtali, and Meyer Reinhold, eds.. New York: Columbia University Press. Histories, Book 6 Polybius. Cambridge, Mass. Translated by W. Shelton, Jo-Ann, ed.. New York: Oxford University Press. Letters selections Cicero. New York: P.

Collier and Son.

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Translated by Evelyn Shuckburgh. London: Oxford University Press. Brunt, and J. Read a version of this text online. Journal of Roman Studies 70 : Letters of the Younger Pliny. Pliny, the Younger, Betty Radice Translator.

New York: Penguin Classics. ISBN Reissue edition. Letters of the Younger Pliny Pliny, the Younger.

The Oxford History of the Roman World. Boardman, J. Griffin, O. Larissa Bonfante Editor. ISBN While it doesn't specifically deal with Classical Rome, the Etruscans were important contributors to the Roman conception of death, religion, and the afterlife. An important foundational work. Alan Watson. ISBN This excellent resource is essentially about the Fetiales, the priests whose duties included the maintenance of international relations; treaties, declarations of war, etc.

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A must-read for anyone aspiring to become a member of the Fetiales. The Classical Foundations of Modern Historiography. Arnaldo D. Momigliano, Riccardo Di Donato. The Foundation of Rome: Myth and History. Alexandre Grandazzi, Jane Marie Todd. Cornell University Press. ISBN X "The Foundation of Rome is one of the few intelligent books on the subject, neither hypercritical nor visionary; its particular strength lies in the skillful interweaving of modern historiography and ideology with ancient history.


History of Earliest Italy. University of Michigan.

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The Beginnings of Rome. It is an important synthesis of the many developments in research over the last couple of decades. It adheres closely to the available sources, dealing with economic, social, literary and religious history, as well as telling the story of internal politics and foreign policy. A major student text.