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Fourteen-year-old Karen Hansen plots her escape from Eastport and her drunken father; Chip Hahn, a visiting friend of Jake s son, Sam, goes for an evening walk and ends up a murder suspect; a gang of young toughs torments dweeb David Thompson; and former Boston cop Lizzie Snow heads to Eastport in search of a child who might be the daughter of Lizzie s dead sister, Sissy. Sam s attempts to clear Chip lead him into danger, and the many story lines begin to merge as the storm intensifies.

This isn t one of Graves s smoothest tales, but Lizzie Snow may be an important addition to her usual cast of characters.

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Bella Diamond. Jemmy Wechsler. Clarissa Arnold. Bogie Kopmeir. Lizzie Snow. Harvey Spratt. David Thompson. Annie Arnold. Chip Hahn. Wad Hardesty. Dyland Hudson. Carolyn Rathbone.

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A Bat in the Belfry

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